Warren Martin, owner of Warren Martin Fitness and Best Selling Author, not only coaches youth and pro athletes, he also helps other personal trainers and coaches develop their careers. Warren's experience (OVER 30,000 Training Hours) & development over the last 13 years has seperated him from the competition and has made his level of programs hard to match. In addition, Warren Martin's on going mission to better his programs are a continual and life long! Check out Warren's PROGRAMS HERE Also listen to Warren's interview by Greg Rollett push play.

Warren is a class act...Warren Martin is the man!

Dr. John Spencer Ellis


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When I started with Warren, I was a hefty junior in high school and I weighed about 265 pounds. Needless to say, when I went to a girl’s house there were no dads afraid of me being behind a closed door with their daughters. The first time I met with Warren, he sat me down and listened to my goals and provided me with all of the information, tips, motivation, and assistance that I needed to get into shape. My original goal was strictly weight loss, which through hard work and good dieting, was accomplished over the next year and a half. After having lost 80 lbs and at the time weighing about 185 lbs. I somehow was still not satisfied. Since I had lost the weight that I needed to, Warren proposed that I begin on my next goal. For 18 years of my life I had never been able to do more than one pull up or much more than a few push-ups. With Warrens help I started working on gaining muscle and I’m now able to exceed far more than a single pull up or push up plus 13lbs of added muscle. Throughout my whole ordeal with weight loss and now muscle gain I have not had a single injury, due to Warren’s ability to recognize my limits and push me to my full potential, but never exceeding my physical ability. The key to my success with warren as compared to trying to do it on my own is that, it’s easier to cheat or lie to yourself than it is to lie to your trainer because the scale tells the truth. Before I started with Warren, I found the hardest part of motivating myself to go to the gym was that I had nobody to go with that could help me. Warren has not just helped me, but other in my family too. Over the years he has become an extension of our family. Warren goes beyond just helping you with you physical goals; he actually takes an interest in your personal life, and shares his experiences with similar situations. To me Warren is far more than just a trainer he is a reliable friend.

Cory Moix


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Hey Warren, I couldn't make it to your seminar this time because my sister needed me to help her. We saw one of her customers that I hadn't seen in a while and she spoke, kinda cordially and I wondered why she wasn't as warm as she used to be? But I acted like I always did and then she said "this is your sister, huh?" And I answered "Yes!! I'm her sister!!"I was confused:-). She was on phone and then her eyes got real big and she told the person she talking to to hold on and she said "OH MY GOD!!!! This is you??? You look so good!!!! I was thinking that you were another sister that I hadn't met because you look so much like your mother!". She was talking so loud and so excited that the person must have asked what was going on cause she started talking to them telling them that this is somebody that used to be at least a 26 which is my size and now she's..." And I said "these are 6's" LOL. She was gushing and carrying on and then she said "OMG you are gonna make me cry". And she did!!!! Then of course I started too. I told her I was gonna have to tell my trainer about this....making folks cry when they see me!!! She said "I'm just so happy for you and you are giving me hope for myself." She asked for your info and I gave it to her and told her that I'd give you her email address so you could start sending her the fitness tips. Ok this is more than a note, but I wanted to share :-). You know my head has swollen to gynormous proportions....bigger than before. But you know what? Yours should swell too because you helped make this happen and you know I LOVE YOU for it. Oh, the original purpose was to give you her email address - See you Monday!!! :-) .

Marilyn Washington


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About 18 months ago, I was in an auto accident and sustained several injuries including, dislocated ankle, torn ACL and shattered foot. After six months of physical therapy, I still could not climb stairs, stand on the ball of my foot or step up on the curb in stride. After interviewing several personal trainers in Conway, my husband found Warren Martin. Warren has been working on improving my mobility for the last year by tailoring workouts around my injuries for both strength and flexibility and stability. Today, I am able to climb stairs, take the curb in stride and stand on the ball of my foot. I still have those days where I have pain in my ankle, foot and knee but Warren has taught me so much this last year that I am able to roll out the muscle and tendons just like he has taught me which relieves the level of pain. The techniques really does help. I have also been amazed at the balance that I have been able to achieve with his training."

Dee Harold